How We Work

Although we handle large and complex litigation, we work differently than litigators at large law firms.  We do not use the “pyramid” staffing favored by those firms.  We do not believe staffing cases in such a way aligns with the client’s objectives.  We train our lawyers at our expense – not yours.  Larson • King partners actually handle the matter on a day-to-day basis and have direct involvement in all aspects of the case.       

Clients work directly with partners who draw from the firm’s practice area specialists and talented associates. A flat, un-layered organizational structure also favors cost-effectiveness. Business clients say that the firm’s approach has saved hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars in litigation expenses, while reducing the business risks that may be associated with a lengthy trial.

“We work very hard to give our clients the best business solution, not just the best legal solution. Partners at Larson • King are active in every element of client work from taking depositions to arguing cases in the highest courts. We’re experts at moving cases forward and shortening the process. Resolving litigation sooner can be extremely valuable to our clients.” – David Wilk | Partner Larson • King