Larson • King successful at 8th Circuit on Catastrophic Derailment Claim


On June 7, 2016, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling affirming a trial verdict in favor of the firm’s client.  The opinion, Soo Line Railroad Company v. Werner Enterprises, related to a train derailment that resulted in a significant chemical spill and a multi-million dollar remediation effort.  The Eighth Circuit analyzed a series of issues on appeal, including the grant of partial summary judgment in favor of the firm’s client, and the sufficiency of the evidence presented at trial.  The Eighth Circuit also assessed claims of federal preemption and the sufficiency of the jury instructions.  On all issues, the Court upheld the rulings of the trial court, finding that the evidence presented at trial was sufficient to support a verdict in favor of the firm’s client.  Werner Enterprises was represented at trial by Mark Solheim and Tony Novak, and on appeal by Paula Vraa.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to call at 651-312-6500.  A link to the decision is here.

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