Larson • King’s Lean Journey

Larson • King has always focused on providing our clients a legal advantage with a nimble and cost-effective team. The firm has done this through hiring the best talent, understanding our clients, and utilizing innovation to continually improve our services. In an effort to accelerate our continuous improvement pace and to help foster more innovation, the firm made the decision to incorporate the Lean methodology to better align with the way our clients do business.

To kick off our Lean program, Larson • King hired a local consulting company with significant Lean Experience, but more importantly, a company whose specialty is Lean in the office environment. The firm trained lawyers and staff in Lean methodologies and then engaged them with their new skills to kick off Lean projects and Kaizens in the firm. Since this training, the firm has used its newfound “Eyes for Waste” to identify improvements to internal processes and management of client work. Lawyers and staff have done Kaizens on these opportunities to truly understand the current state and create a future state process that benefits law firm clients and staff.

Larson • King understands that a Lean Journey never stops and the firm is accelerating its continuous improvement momentum by reinvesting the newly created time back into improving more processes. At Larson • King, we will continue to do this well into the future to provide the best litigation services and client support at a competitive price. The firm values its relationships and long term partnerships with our clients. Together with our clients we can create efficiency and performance improvements, year over year.

For more information about Larson • King’s Lean Journey, contact Angela Brandt.