White Collar Criminal Defense & Investigations

Business leaders know that responding to a government investigation or dealing with a white collar criminal trial is vastly different from any other form of business litigation. It is a business distraction that requires digging deep into the inner workings, communications, and finances of a corporation.  Depending on the nature of the investigation, it can potentially be an enormous public relations problem and a costly endeavor even beyond the damage done to a company’s reputation and collateral loss. 

Our team has experience handling the enormous complexities of white collar criminal matters from investigation, public relations and Grand Jury testimony to trial, parallel proceedings and asset recovery. Our attorneys have tried numerous criminal jury and bench trials, giving them the experience to fight and the wisdom to mitigate when the conditions dictate.  Representative cases include:

  • Cash Structuring:  Represented a business owner against allegations of cash structuring and the parallel cash forfeiture proceeding brought by the Department of Justice.  Client avoided criminal charges and resolved the parallel proceeding in a favorable manner.
  • Health Care Fraud:  Represented a business owner and a home health care business against allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud brought by the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General.  Our clients avoided criminal prosecution, while other parties were ultimately charged and found guilty.  Successfully resolved the civil penalty parallel proceeding by the Attorney General.
  • Mail Fraud:  Represented a former Chicago hedge fund manager against charges of fraud stemming from his role in propping up the Tom Petters Ponzi scheme as it began to unravel.  Successfully handled the mail fraud criminal action as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission’s parallel asset freeze proceeding against the client seeking the repatriation of the client’s money that was being held in Swiss bank accounts in the Cook Islands.
  • Mortgage Fraud: Represented a mortgage title closer against mail and wire fraud charges brought by the U.S. Department of Justice.  Our client was indicted in connection with a much larger, multi-million dollar mortgage fraud scheme brought by the Department of Justice against several other defendants.  Successfully limited the client’s conviction to one count of mail fraud and a probationary sentence while limiting restitution to a small fraction of the millions of dollars sought.
  • Internal Investigation; federal certification and labeling requirements:  Handled the internal investigation of a manufacturer after an early morning raid by the Food and Drug Administration.  Our attorneys immediately separated the employees from the federal investigators, managed the intense search process with the investigators, and brought calmness to the stressful situation.  We then conducted a full internal investigation of the corporation which included interviewing employees, officers and directors, reviewing relevant corporate documents, and issuing a document retention order to the company.  We then negotiated and worked with the FDA to amicably resolve the matter.

Larson • King’s white collar crime attorneys understand business operations as business owners, board members, accountants, entrepreneurs and in-house counsel.  We also understand the business and investigative technology involved, and work with expert investigators, forensic data consultants and legal counsel across the country and internationally to help facilitate cooperative relationships with investigative bodies, witnesses and other involved parties.  The white collar team advises clients through business practice and compliance audits to help identify operations that may inadvertently lead to investigation or trial. We also proactively advise corporate boards and executive teams on corporate governance and ethical issues to help avoid legal problems.

Larson • King’s litigators have decades of experience handling matters involving fraud, antitrust, price fixing, bankruptcy, embezzlement, environmental violations, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, False Claims Act and qui tam litigation in a variety of industries including banking, finance, investing, healthcare, pharmaceutical and high-tech.